Monday, August 22, 2011



So here is my interpretation of a witch mermaid. Yes , that is eye of newt that she is holding. I think the boa is what really makes this piece though. For more information on this item and other new items please click on the link to my shop below.


And now for something completely different... Here is another of my all time favorite items. Yes, those are tiny bolts of fabric. This was really fun to make but holy moly what alot of work. Totally worth it though.

For more information about this item or other new items please click on the link below



Here a finished scarf that is one of my all time favorite pieces. For more information or to see other items click on the following link for my etsy shop

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And finally the finished product here in my etsy shop have a look

Nuno scarf finished result

Nuno scarf in progress

Here are more felting progress shots


Here I am laying out the scarf for felting. it looked so beautiful just laid out I took a picture of it. The fabric is a piece of silk gauze that I dyed a sort of chartreusey color and it looked so great with the other elements.


Here are the pieces that I decided to use for the scarf. In this picture are the jelly roll slices and the fringe.


So after I made all these jelly rolls I played around with a sample to see if I could felt it onto a piece of silk and much to my excitement it worked so I decided to make a scarf using this newly discovered technique.

Here are some pictures of the jelly roll cut up into sections.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finished rolls

So here is a view of the a few rolls that are finished and also some slices from one of the rolls.
Very nice don't you think?
I can also roll  thicker slices into beads by wetting them and rolling in my palms.


so I roll that up as tightly as I possibly can and wet it with hot water as I go along and then I just roll it back and forth on a ridged shelf liner until it looks something like these rolls.

Felting, felting, felting

So here is a jellyroll that I laid out

Friday, June 24, 2011

Felted beads

Lastly, I made these lovely felted beads and thought that they looked so beautiful all lined up here
I used these on my bolo ties here is a link to one in my etsy shop

Beyond jellyrolls

So next I cut the jellyrolls up into small pieces and rolled them in my palms to make these beads.

I started making these bracelets and when I made the balls I decided to attach them to the bracelets  you can see them in my etsy shop. Here is the link
I actually nuno felted this one which means I felted the wool onto a piece of silk and that created that beautiful ruffling affect.

All wrapped up in felt

I have had a couple of weeks to go into my magical world of felting and it has been an amazing experience as always. I wish to share with you here. I started out by making these jellyrolls here are some pictures

Friday, April 8, 2011

Salt and pepper shakers

So here is my famous worktable that I like to photograph so much. It is interesting to look at though don't you agree? I was working on some ceramic salt and pepper shakers here that someone ordered and I thought that they looked so good together. So here are some pictures.